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Soup Commercial on YouTube.

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Desk Anchor



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on YouTube.

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Click HERE to see a Campbell's

Soup Commercial on YouTube.

Click HERE to see a Campbell's

Soup Commercial on YouTube.

Click HERE to see a LIVE News Report on YouTube.



A winner in each category will be announced for each age division and receive a custom award.



Contestants who participate in three (3) or more different Personality categories are eligible for National & International Super Star Personality of the Year. A contestant may compete in as many categories as he/she chooses but may only enter each individual category one (1) time. A contestant's top three (3) scores from all his/her entries will be used to determine the National Personality of the Year winner and will receive a custom crown and sash. The highest scoring National Super Star Personality of the Year winner of all age divisions combined will be crowned as the International Personality of the Year and receive a custom sash, crown, and cash prize.

All entries should be performed LIVE on stage and may not have any content with violence, sex, political preferences or personal political agendas, curse words, or illegal substances/actions. Entries may not exceed 60 seconds, must be memorized, but may be an original or existing piece. Contestants may dress according to the character/person who is being portrayed, if they choose to do so. Contestants are judged on Quality of Presentation and Content of the Presentation.

An anchors desk backdrop will be on the stage for the Desk Anchor Competition. A weather map backdrop will be on stage for contestants to stand in from of for the Weather Broadcaster Competition. All other competitions will just use a stage as normal and be provided with a handheld, lapel, or head microphone.

Here are the Personality categories and examples of each one listed below.

~Actor/Actress Comedy

~Actor/Actress Drama

~Commercial (Product Sales)

~Desk News Anchor


~LIVE Sportscaster

~LIVE News Reporter

~PSA (Public Service Announcement)

~Tiara Tank, Individual

~Tiara Tank, Group

~Weather Broadcaster

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Have you heard of the hit show "Shark Tank?" While we cannot be Shark Tank, itself, we are offering you a chance to test your marketing skills, pitch an idea for a new product, and bring home a cash prize designed specifically for our competition!

"Tiara Tank" is an exciting competition based on the creation of an idea or product that you will present to a panel of judges LIVE on stage! You will have 1 minute to set up your display on stage, if necessary, 2 minutes to present your product or idea, and the judges will then get 2 minutes to question you on that idea or product. And, yes, you may share a product with the judges!  The judges will score you on your Presentation and the Purchasing Power they believe the idea/product has. The contestant with the highest score will win the competition. There will be a cash prize for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. All ages will be combined for this award. We will only allow 10 contestants to compete in this competition.

This can be an individual or group project. Only one person needs to register if this competition is being done as a team. If done as an individual, it will count towards the Personality of the Year and the Super and Mega Star awards.  If done as a team, it will only be used for a group award.